Peace love light and grateful

 Good Morning! Today I would like to share some of my dear friends from Deadhead Art Alliance team on Etsy. There are so many beautiful items to choose from. This is just a few of the all the awesome things I found.

We are headed into the end of the year now and I just would like to let everyone know I appreciate each one of you. I also want to thank all of you for your loving support and kindness that I have felt since I joined this team.

‘Peace love light and grateful’ by thunderrose

Wishing all our friends from Deadhead Art Alliance Team a beautiful Christmas and a very Merry New Year….Blessings to each of you~Debbie and John

Positive Energy Sphere


Grateful Dead, Lotus Flower …


Dread Hat Rasta Tam Oversize…


Beaded Hair Barrette~ handma…


ON SALE Flowy Silky Teal Lea…


Batik Flannel Girls size 6-1…


Cryptical Galaxy Bolt -Grate…


Crochet Slouchy Hat Purple &…


Organic Clothing hippie boho…


Grateful GRATEFUL Dead MUG ~…


Chrysocolla Ajoite in Quartz…


4 Elements Sacred Spiral Pat…


Steal your face, deadhead, B…


READY TO SHIP Grateful Dead …


Macrame Jewelry Wrapped Jade…


Dichroic Glass Stir Sticks O…


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So as you can see here there are so fantastic handmade artists here. If you would like to see more go here

Team Page Shoppers Guide

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

May you have peace , love , light , happiness and comfort always!

Debbie and John

Thunder Rose Leather

Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – October – Amanda Johnson– Store – TyeDyeBills

This is a really great blog post from DeadHead Art Alliance Team. Jen is sharing the art of Amanda Johnson of Tye Dye Bills. Amanda is an amazing young woman and artist. Check it out.

The Deadhead Art Alliance


I am the creator of Tye Dye Bills, my name is Amanda Johnson


I make most of the tie dyes, tapestries and bed sheet sets (nature inspired are my favorite) and do the portrait drawings, as well as hand make the other grateful gear.


My team consists of myself and my husband who occasionally makes tie dyes (he has a very groovy style), rinses my bins and is sole owner and namesake of our shop name (tye dye bill was a name given to him during his on the road days), and my children who are the reason I create and sell on Etsy.

Tie dye is our passion.  Our Creations are brought to life through parenthood, love of all things tie dye and the Grateful Family we have come to know and love after all these years.  We love sharing our art, love and soul with others.

Each item…

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Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – July 2014 – Julie Tribble Store – Stella Blue Handmade

This is another really great artist from the Deadhead Art Alliance team on Etsy. This blog post is written by Jen Jkld captain of the team. Many blessings to Julie and her beautiful art.

The Deadhead Art Alliance


Hi! My name is Julie Tribble, and my shop is called Stella Blue Handmade.  I am currently living in Catonsville, MD, a historic little town just outside of Baltimore.  I love to create a lot of different things, but right now my shop mostly contains handmade beaded jewelry and crochet accessories.  It started with making jewelry for fun and for myself because I could never find anything that was exactly what I wanted, and eventually I had amassed a big enough collection that I knew I could never wear them all!  When I started selling my creations, it was so exciting to find that other people loved what I was doing too.  I would say my purpose for Stella Blue is to create unique wearable pieces of art that reflect my love of nature, music, color, and the earth.


My creative process usually first involves turning on some music, sitting…

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Deadhead Art Alliance Artist of the Month – June 2014 – Vayda Stapleton – Store: Hippi Heaven

I am reblogging this wonderful blog post for my dear friend Jen, captain of the Deadhead Art Alliance team on Etsy. This is a really great article about a really cool artist.

The Deadhead Art Alliance



Hi my name is Vayda Stapleton and I am from the woods of Washington where I currently live on 2 acres of land in Woodland.  I am the owner and the creator behind Hippi Heaven.

10528178_10203497636434578_148166037_n I create handmade hula hoops, tie dyes, one of a kynd clothing and hair accessories.
My light is to spread happiness and hippi love through color and hoop fun.


My creation process varies with what I am creating. Each item has its own time frame and individual process, but all are full of love and color and made to last.


As long as I can remember art and music has been my thing, and being an artist has always been my goal. Always drawing, always dreaming, always listening to music and playing numerous instruments.

10555028_10203498100526180_952696456_n Painted guitar for the kiddos

When I was 16 I emersed myself in art and music. I took many art classes…

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Explore, Escape and be Free! Leda May Jones

Leda is an amazing artist. Her hand sewn wedding dresses and brides maid dresses are one of a kind and magical.

The Deadhead Art Alliance

iusa_75x75.26070303_90hjil_170x135-1.481719703_m6jzil_170x135.591766197_b3f8il_170x135.547433707_cvahil_170x135.416682668_gidjil_170x135.496700995_oci3iusb_760x100.13632476_tbbzil_170x135.596290515_13d7unnamed-5il_170x135.481675630_8ehpunnamed-2unnamed-4unnamed-3unnamed-7unnamed-8il_570xN.585105421_e9acunnamed-1    Hello my name is Leda May Jones.  My store name is Ledamay.  I live in a small town of Willits in Mendocino Ca. I would have to say I love Northern California and hope to own my own little piece of it someday. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and one son that is adored by all the lady’s in the house.  My shops philosophy is to create everything with love and passion and to never get tired of what I’m making by always making it unique and different giving each piece Life!

My purpose with it all is to share a piece of myself with the world

My creative process is forever changing.  I love finding old beautiful fabrics that inspire me and because I have four children and am homeschooling one …waking up early is the time I do most my creating.  The kids will…

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