Beaded wolf paw pipe bag

Good morning friends! I would like to show you a beaded wolf paw pipe bag that we made recently. This pipe bag is made in soft saddle tan leather with chocolate brown lace. It measures 8 inches wide and 20 inches long with 18 inches of usable space for your pipe. It is all hand stitched and has tied fringe down the sides and off the bottom of the bag. We decorated this chanupa bag with red glass crow beads and tin cones. It has a braided double drawstring closure and a 4 point braided shoulder strap. You can find this bag on our website here PIPE BAG .

beaded wolf paw pipe bag
beaded wolf paw pipe bag
beaded wolf paw pipe bag

We make custom leather of all kinds styles and colors. If you need a different beadwork on your bag I do a collections of different kinds, from beaded wolf paws, beaded bear paws, beaded turtles, sunbursts and on…. Come by and check out our website and see the many different leather goods we have to offer.


Debbie and John

Thunder Rose Leather

Author: Thunder Rose

We are a couple handmade artists working with beads and leather for about 30 years. We hope you enjoy our art as much as we enjoy making it for you. Blessings! Debbie & John Thunder Rose Leather

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