Explore, Escape and be Free! Leda May Jones

Leda is an amazing artist. Her hand sewn wedding dresses and brides maid dresses are one of a kind and magical.

The Deadhead Art Alliance

iusa_75x75.26070303_90hjil_170x135-1.481719703_m6jzil_170x135.591766197_b3f8il_170x135.547433707_cvahil_170x135.416682668_gidjil_170x135.496700995_oci3iusb_760x100.13632476_tbbzil_170x135.596290515_13d7unnamed-5il_170x135.481675630_8ehpunnamed-2unnamed-4unnamed-3unnamed-7unnamed-8il_570xN.585105421_e9acunnamed-1    Hello my name is Leda May Jones.  My store name is Ledamay.  I live in a small town of Willits in Mendocino Ca. I would have to say I love Northern California and hope to own my own little piece of it someday. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and one son that is adored by all the lady’s in the house.  My shops philosophy is to create everything with love and passion and to never get tired of what I’m making by always making it unique and different giving each piece Life!

My purpose with it all is to share a piece of myself with the world

My creative process is forever changing.  I love finding old beautiful fabrics that inspire me and because I have four children and am homeschooling one …waking up early is the time I do most my creating.  The kids will…

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Author: Thunder Rose

I am a bead work and leather work artist living outside of Sedona Arizona with my husband John and our fur baby Rosie. We have a beautiful daughter and 4 Grandchildren that we adore. I created this blog for our business Thunder Rose Leather and for heartfelt moments in time. We do old style leather and bead work , one piece at a time, by hand, with attention to detail. We develop our own designs and can work with your ideas. At the end of the day we think each handmade piece is unique, practical and made to use and enjoy for many years. I have made many friends along the way and it is so fun to enjoy each others company while making art and doing business. I want to say thanks to all my friends that I have made along the way. I am so grateful for you. You truly enrich my life. Blessings! Debbie Thunder Rose

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